Tsunami is a SeaWing princess with shimmering green eyes. She is one of the Dragonets of destiny (along with Clay, Sunny, Glory, and Starflight). Without light, she was cobalt blue with tinges of pale green on her underscales. When exposed to sunlight, her scales shine sapphire blue with white underscales. Her current living sisters are Anemone, an animus dragonet, and Akulet, a dragonet that Tsunami saved from a cursed statue. Her mother is Queen Coral (alive) and her father was Gill (deceased). In the book The Dragonet Prophecy, Tsunami was faced her father in the arena of the Skywings without any knowledge and she snapped his head off. The fact that she killed him led Tsunami to have less of an urge to kill or mistrust any Seawings due to her fear of killing another relative.

Tsunami was not able to communicate in Aquatic, the language used by Seawings to communicate underwater by flashing marks across their sides. In the second book, The Lost Heir, she communicates impatiently with Riptide, who misinterpreted her scale flashing as to mean: "Hey sparkling teeth, I totally love 3 of your claws but not the others, I wish your nose was a herring so I could eat it, and your wings sound like sharks snoring."