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Customs of Selecting a Queen Edit


By Queen Clam

The seven Dragon tribes are ruled by queens. Only their daughters and sisters can serve as potential successors to the throne, with the exception of RainWings. For a princess or other royal female to become queen, they must challenge the current queen to a death battle. Whoever wins the battle then takes the title of Queen. Another way is for the queen to die of some other cause such as sickness, murder, or unfortunate accident (see Queen Oasis). If there is more than one possible successor, then they will battle each other to the death.

The RainWings have devised a way to select their queens that does not go against their pacifist nature but allows them to choose queens. They partake in a group of activities or games that involve flower hunts, fruit gathering, tree gliding, camouflage, and venom targeting. The dragon to win the majority will become queen.

The method the NightWings use to choose a queen is presumably like most other tribes, although this is not known for certain, as it is possible they have a different one.

Dragon Government Edit

Dragons seem to have an unlimited government, allowing queens to make whatever rules and laws they want for their kingdom, though some dragons may not like them.

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