Everyone may want to see how the false dragonets did.Now here it is!

Squid-Morrowseer sent him away after the SkyWing convincing problem.He could of died,but then a talon later found him and brought him back to his father,Nautilious. He was no longer seen in the series.

Fatespeaker-Viper attempted to kill her during battle training on the NightWing island, but ended up with Starflight saving her and pushing Viper,accidentlyly scratching Flame with the end of her tail and then falling into the lava.

Flame-During battle training, Viper had accidentlyly scratched him with her tail.When Starflight and Fatespeaker were escaping from the NightWings,they brought Flame with them into the rainforest, where Sunny gave the cure and made him rest. A few days later, he found his mother.And that's all so far.

Viper-Fell into lava and scratched Flame with her tail by accident.She was no longer seen in the series.

Ochre-When the volcano was erupting,he went to the rainforest with the NightWings.It was said in the book that he had made a sack made of leaves that he used to carry almost half the fruit in the rainforest, and he didn't share.

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